Dr.B.Surendra babu,
Consultant Urologist & Andrologist,

Our Leader And The Object

“A great man shows his greatness by the way he treats little men”-THOMAS CARYLE
“The pessimist sees difficulties in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunities in every difficulties”-L.P.Jacks
Dr.B.Surendra Babu had instinct, inspiration, motivation and joy in Imparting the knowledge for the younger generation
With service to mankind. The professionally dignified personality ,Dr.B.Surndra babu , has a passion and great aim of helping the sick and needy. Then he thought the noble profession of nursing, will help him achieve his goal. Then the Haritha Nursing Society was established in the year1998, to provide the future nation with world class trained paramedical staff.
The demand for Professionally quali9ofioed Nurse in India is increasing day by day because of the rapid spread of disease and establishment of standard hospitals i8n remote areas also. To achieve professional competence, the Nurse both present and prospective are required to be fully equipped with the knowledge of nursing and put the Nursing into practice as service to mankind.
Now the millennium has become metaphor for the extra ordinary challenge and opportunity available to Nursing Profession. There is a great need of the day to determine the context in terms of the roles expected from a nurse for health care needs, administration and aspiration to the public and the advances in science and technology.
Thus, the formation of Haritha Nursing Academy with the motto “Service to Mankind”. It has its own very good building and very good infrastructure. Behind lies the prolonged ever ending hard work and courage of its leader.
Dr.B.Surendra babu, through his excellent team of teaching staff is imparting good teaching & training and moulded its as an excellent college.

Our Administrator

Dr.Mrs.Radha Ramana , The secretary & correspondent of Haritha Nursing Academy had an inspiration to promote excellence in the care of the sick, and believed Nursing is the best way, because they are always with the patient.
Nursing has changed from its old concept and myths to as a highly qualified profession in medical field. Nurse, now a days is an Educative and as a counselor, moral supporter to patients, in wards, ICU, Operation Theatres and post operative wards. Nurse can observe the changes, progress and deterioration of a patient and can respond quickly as & when required. Since 13 years the institute i8s giving adequate knowledge about the subject to face the day to day challenges and to go ahead in the career with flying colours.
The Administration of justice is the firmest pillar of government. –George Washington
In the presence of the satguru, knowledge flourishes, sorrow diminishes, joy wells up without any reason, lack diminishes, abundance dawns, all talents manifest. –Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
This is the briefest way we can say about our policy. And strongly believe that our duty is to provide the best trained people from our esteemed institute.

Dr.B.V.Radha Ramana
Secretary & Correspondent